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Automotive Unique Solutions

is proud to announce 25 years of excellent and quality service as an automotive service center. We appreciate the support our customers have provided by continuing to give us excellent customer satisfaction rates through the years. Automotive Unique Solutions has the most up-to-date tools and equipment and highly trained expert technicians and superior parts to provide you with great service. Automotive Unique Solutions is a one-stop automotive service center for all your foreign and domestic automotive needs. You can rely on Automotive Unique Solutions for manufacturers' recommendations and services including: 30K, 60K, 90K, and juryman car (i.e. Mercedes Benz and BMW) service requirements: Services such as A, B, C, and D. We offer free safety check-ups and free troubleshooting estimates to keep your vehicle and you on the road. Please glance at our service menu page to find the services that you need to keep your automobile in top condition and safe to drive. We would like you to keep in mind Automotive Unique Solutions is not limited, when it comes to complete services from headlights to tail pipes. As a new customer to our website, Automotive Unique Solutions invites you to sign in and explore our latest Customer Data Application. Our new online service allows you to reach our service centers for all your automotive service needs. This new service makes assisting our clients faster and easier than ever.
Orange County California
15102 Esperanza
Irvine, CA 92618

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